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Sill/Rocker Panels                                             £110.00


Deluxe Rocker/sill repair panel,
Includes the area that rusts at the bottom of the A and B posts.
For best results use in conjunction with heater channel bottom

panel and the sill extension panel.

Heater Channel Vent Repair Section                 £34.50


Replace your old rusty heater channel vent with this excellent repair section, ideally used in conjunction with T3D heater channel bottoms.

Rocker/Sill extension                                   £49.50


This repair section replaces the rust which forms under the rear fender/wing. A must when fitting T3D heater channel bottoms and sills

Front floorpan repair sections                          £49.50


Fits all year Type 3 and type 34.

T3D Heater Channel Bottoms                            £45.00


When replacing type 3 rocker panels we normally find that the bottom of the heater channel to which the outer rocker is attached is badly rusted. This section replaces the rusted channel bottom and provides a good return edge to weld your new panels to. n.b. vent section not included

Rear Bumper Mount Panel                               £54.50


Fits both square and fastback all years

Front Bumper Mount Panel                               £54.50


Early or Late styles available.