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Rebuilt Carbs                                                    £295.00


In stock and ready to fit. Sold as pairs on an exchange basis

Carb Linkage                                     Good used £45.00

Complete or can be bought in pieces

Chokes                                                         from £22.00


12 volt and 6volt choke units NOS and used


Carb Repair Kits


Carb repair kits for type 3 twin carbs        per carb £18.50

Carb repair kits for single type 3 carbs                    £29.00

Fuel Filler Neck


Fuel filler necks rust free                                        £44.00
Fuel filler neck rubber seals (upper)                        £34.00

Fuel filler neck seal (inner wing)                             £28.00

Tank Sender                                                        £45.00


Fuel tank sender, for all type 3's

New Injectors                                                      £65.00


Treat your injection motor to a set of these, sold individually

Fuel Flap Release                                                  £TBA