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Oil Dip Stick Tube                                                £40


Perfect reproduction

Air Cooling Bellow                                               £34.25


check yours today!!! If its split, save your engines life and replace it with one of our good used genuine vw items.

Clips available too @ £4.50 each

Fuel Filler Neck Seal                                             £45.00


Perfect reproduction of this hard to find original part

New Fuel Filler Neck Overflow Tubes                 £39.50


Great repro items

Here at last..                                                        £35.00


New repro number plate light seals for fast and notchbacks, very good quaility and fit!

Pop Out Seals


Inner pop out seals price                           per pair £35.00

Outer pop our seals price                          per pair £35.00

New Door Seals                                                    £95.00


New door seals price per side

Rear Tailgate seal                                         £45.00



Please state model type when ordering

Front Hood seal                                 £45.00



New repro front hood seal fits all year.


Deluxe Window Rubbers                             from £24.50


Available for all type 3's and type 34. Trim inserts also available. Please email for more information.

Door Window trims                                per side £37.50


including outer scrappers, not the repro type that don't fit, we take a new genuine vw type 1 trim and rejig it to suit a type 3 door. As used on all T3D show cars.

Turn Signal and Reflector Seals            per item £45.00


New repro wrap around turn signal and reflector seals, fit good and great quality too, as used on all T3D car.

Bullet Seals NEW                                                  £39.50


Sold as a pair

Reflector Seals                                       per side £45.00


New, all years in stock

Rear Wing To Body Seal                                    £39.50 pair

Early Tail Light Seals                                          £25.00 pair